15 Second Harp

In 2016 Olivia Jageurs launched 15 Second Harp, in which she pledged to video record any notated harp music, composed and submitted by anyone from all over the world. By the end of the year she had recorded over 200 submissions.

The aim of the project is to create a sharing platform for composers and harpists to try out ideas, techniques and pedalling, with near instant feedback. Olivia came to YCAT with the idea of exploring how she could develop this existing project into new instruments and media.

“YCAT Sounding Board sessions have let me explore my ideas at length with professionals who have unique industry insight. I have been able to solidify my goals and the experience so far has been invaluable.” Olivia Jageurs

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EnvisionLied: An Outline of Art Song

EnvisionLied is an exciting recording project for Art Song, curated by pianist Jocelyn Freeman.

“If there were only one truth, I could still paint a hundred pictures of it” Pablo Picasso

EnvisionLied’s aim is to explore clarity and expression of the essence of art song, through high-quality musical interpretation and performance, and complimentary visuals that capture the essence of both the performers of this genre and the emotional content of the song. These works of art will form an online video library, providing thought-provoking interpretations and an insight into the artist’s musical process. Whilst this is not an attempt to produce a film or dramatisation of art song, it is an attempt to produce a visual representation of these works which echoes the minimal, subtle yet emotionally provocative genre, in line with the ultimate exponents of these works.

This is a cyclic creative process, producing an original work of art (the music video) entirely based upon an existing work of art (the art song). The music video will then feed back into the existing work, enhancing our experience of the performance.

“Sounding Board is really helping me to refine my vision and make practical steps towards reaching my goals. The sessions have been inspiring and challenging, encouraging me to develop new skills.” Jocelyn Freeman