About us

YCAT: the destination point
for emerging talent

What is YCAT?

YCAT is a UK charity founded in 1984 that builds the careers of emerging classical artists. It is unique in providing sustained, intensive guidance, bespoke artist management and prolonged care over a 3-5 year period.

YCAT selects artists who show international potential and works in partnership with many of the most important venues around the world, building strategic career development that enables young artists to flourish. YCAT’s past roster of artists is a testament to its unparalleled reputation in young artist development.



How does YCAT carry out its work?

YCAT holds rigorous annual auditions culminating in a showcase public final audition at Wigmore Hall in London. In addition to full general management YCAT provides professional media and publicity materials and promotes ‘presentation’ series around the UK. These provide the opportunity for the artists to be heard by leading promoters, orchestras and festival directors.

YCAT maintains strong relationships with international management companies, many of whom subsequently take on the management of YCAT artists. Being over 80% reliant on charitable giving to underpin its work, YCAT is uniquely placed to provide a purely artistic and developmentally led approach to artist management.

How is YCAT developing?

In 2016 YCAT received a substantial grant from the Rachel Baker Memorial Charity, which has enabled YCAT to offer its expertise and guidance to a wider group of emerging musicians. Working in partnership with key UK charities and conservatoires, YCAT Sounding Board is a key provider of seminars, workshops, individual coaching sessions and project mentoring to young professional musicians.

Sounding Board activities focus on important areas of career advice and development that are directly relevant to a 21st century career in the music industry.

YCAT is also continuing to develop its international networks and links with major promoters and organisations, building on its existing reputation as the destination point for emerging talent.