Individual coaching

50 minute individual coaching sessions for graduate musicians and students approaching the end of their formal study.

What is it?

These individual coaching sessions are an opportunity for you to benefit from the knowledge and expertise YCAT has used to launch the careers of many young musicians.

They provide a private and confidential space for you to reflect on your progress and think clearly about the next stages in your career. They are also an opportunity for you to think about any bigger questions you may have about your career in general.

Individual coaching sessions are designed to provide a space to look afresh at opportunities and ideas from a different perspective. We often find ourselves looking outside for excuses and reasons why things aren’t going so well, yet ultimately any real changes can only come from within ourselves. This can feel quite daunting.
Rather than giving more ‘outside’ concrete solutions, the sessions will focus on reflecting back your real concerns. We will think together about alternative ways you can view problems and the important part you can play in approaching situations differently.

The sessions will take place at Somerset House with Alasdair Tait, Chief Executive & Artistic Director of YCAT. Alasdair is a respected mentor, teacher and chamber musician. He is also an experienced psychotherapist, registered with the BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council) and FPC (Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling).

Why might I feel I want an Individual Coaching session?

“I’m entering the profession and I am feeling quite confused by all the options out there.  I think I need a bit of help with sorting out which options might be best for me.”

“I have so many ideas for things I’d like to do and projects I want to investigate but somehow can never find the time to focus on them. It would be great to talk through how I seem to be spending my time and see if everything is actually as urgent as it often feels.”

“I’ve devoted years of my life to my studies, always with a clear idea of where I thought I’d be. Now that I’m in the profession, it feels very different to what I’d imagined. I find myself questioning everything I’ve always wanted to do. This feels quite scary.”

“Things are going really well in many ways. I’m getting enough opportunities and people are often asking me to do things. Yet I am still questioning ‘is this what I really want?’ I worry that I’d be letting everyone down if I were to think about exploring different career directions.”

“I feel I am at a crossroads and have no one in the industry I feel I could talk to.”

Application process

Submit up to 150 words (900 characters) outlining in your own words an issue or question that you would like to explore and think about in the session. This could be about general career advice or more personal worries relating to your current situation. Be honest and direct in this brief submission.

Attach a brief CV outlining education and career to date.