Will these sessions be confidential?

Whatever is discussed within the session will remain strictly confidential. YCAT will never reveal details or names of attendees to third parties.

How much does it cost?

Sessions are without charge.

What kind of advice can I expect?

Where appropriate we may provide possible alternative sources of information, contacts and advice that are relevant to the issues being discussed. However, the session will focus on listening to your concerns and helping you think through possible solutions and directions for yourself.

Can I come back for another session?

These sessions are designed to be one-off individual coaching sessions. However, during the course of a discussion it may seem suitable to think about a potential follow up session(s) at a later date.

How many sessions are available per month?

YCAT aims to make 8 sessions available every month, though this may vary at certain points of the year.

Am I guaranteed a session if I apply?

No. The reason for your 150 word outline and CV submission is to allow YCAT to assess which applicants might gain most from an Individual Coaching session. As spaces are limited there is a chance that YCAT may not be able to offer a session to everyone who applies.

I am an undergraduate. Can I still apply?

If you are approaching the end of your formal studies, planning on moving straight into your professional life (either undergraduate or Masters level) and feel there are concerns and questions that you’d like to explore in a session, you are very welcome to apply. It is recommended that you also discuss these concerns with your teachers and any professional development leader within your course structure as they may be able to advise you more directly.

I didn’t study or graduate from a formal music training institution. Can I still apply?

If you are actively pursuing a classical performing career in some form, you can still apply. Please be clear on your application and CV about the range and type of prior experience upon which you are building.