Project mentoring

Four to six month project mentoring for artists with a clear and passionate vision for a project.

Application Update

What is it?

Project Mentoring is an opportunity for artists to receive prolonged guidance and support to realise a specific artistic project. Depending on the nature of the project, YCAT will meet with the applicant on a monthly basis and for a fixed number of sessions, guiding them through aspects of project management, budgeting, fundraising, promotion, marketing and any other topics required.

Young artists often have a real passion and vision for a specific project or artistic idea that they have begun to develop, or has remained an idea for a number of years. But often the practicalities and work involved in turning these ideas into a reality can seem overwhelming. Without structured support and industry expertise, many ideas remain unrealised and projects often fail to reach their full potential.

Project Mentoring provides a series of structured sessions, that help you look systematically at the various stages necessary to develop your project. Drawing on YCAT’s expertise in working with young artists, fundraising, financial management and event planning, YCAT will support and encourage the eventual realisation of your vision.

Why might I feel I want project mentoring?

“I’ve recently launched a project and am pleased by how it’s going, but I need help to take it to the next level and don’t know who to ask for professional advice”

“I’ve got an idea for a project but don’t really know where to start. I know I need to raise money, create budgets and promote it, but I’m a bit lost. All I need is some structured advice.”

“Everyone else seems to be able to have the right connections to get their ideas off the ground, but I feel at a loss to know where to start or who to speak to. I know I have a great idea, but I just don’t know who to approach or how I can make it sound exciting to others.”

Application process

Submit up to 1000 words (6000 characters) outlining your project or idea, including how it may have developed and detailing your overall vision for the project. It may be at various levels of development, from the kernel of an idea, to a project that has existed for a few years already. Be honest with what you think you require help with and realistic about what you hope to achieve.

Attach a brief CV outlining education and career to date.