Can anyone attend the seminars or workshops?

Yes. The seminars and workshops are open to anyone. They will be focused on specific topics and issues that are relevant to the professional lives of musicians today.

What format will the seminars take?

The format will vary according to the topics and individuals leading the seminars. These include panel discussions with industry experts and more formal presentations and talks. All seminars will include an extended audience Q&A.

What is the difference between the seminars and workshops?

Seminars focus on larger topics and have a larger audience capacity. Workshops are more intensive practical sessions for 10-15 people that will focus on specific issues arising from any seminars.

I have a specific question I'd like to ask your seminar panel, but I don't want to ask it in front of my peers. Can I give you any questions beforehand to include in the seminar?

Yes certainly. These seminars are for your benefit. Once you have bought a ticket, you can let us know of any questions you’d like us to raise for you.

Is there a chance to network with some of the participants?

Yes. We will organise informal networking drinks after the seminars to allow attendees to meet each other and talk more about the issues raised.

I've not attended a seminar or workshop before and am afraid I won't know anyone.

Don’t worry! These are informal environments where we encourage everyone to participate. We find that most people tend to have very similar questions and experiences that they share, no matter how isolated they might feel. If you don’t know anyone on arrival, we can guarantee you will know a few more musicians by time you leave!

How much does it cost to attend a seminar or workshop?

The cost is £5 per seminar and £15 per workshop.

What if I need to cancel?

If you cannot attend a seminar or workshop, you can cancel up to 7 days prior to the date and we will offer you a full refund. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to the seminar or workshop cannot be refunded.

Can I offer any feedback?

Yes. We welcome all feedback from seminars and workshops. You will be sent a feedback form after each session, or can fill in the online Feedback Form on the YCAT website.

Can I offer any ideas for further sessions?

Yes. Please go to the feedback section on our website