What did you think of our seminars?

About our panels

“The panel members were extremely relevant for the topics discussed and came from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints.”

“I liked how the panel were encouraging us to ask questions of ourselves about our own careers and what we might expect.”

“I found it very interesting that you had such high-level agents, with years of experience and international reputations share their experiences and advice.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to hear commercial artist managers answer big questions about what they do.”

“Great to get expert advice from the key speakers who understand and are from the industry”

“The speakers contributing to the discussion were really well chosen – they were the right amount of honest and realistic whilst also injecting a lot of positivity into the discussion.”

About the format

“The opportunity to network and talk with like-minded musicians at the end was very valuable.”

“The drinks at the end of the sessions were useful for not only net working but discussing with other attendees what you had each taken from the sessions, therefore building on the session’s impact.”

“The broad range of areas discussed in the talk and the varied opinions given by the panellists. Everything was hugely useful and relevant, exactly what I was hoping for.”

“Somehow the whole atmosphere of the event felt extremely educative and friendly at the same time. I am not quite sure what gave this wonderful vibe, but can guess the very friendly staff, the simple and the very professional promotional materials and the elegant location contributed to some extent.”

“I liked that it was affordable (for me as a student) and not too long, but still had time for a question-answer session at the end.”

“Confidence giving, high on information and practical advice, no wishywashy bullsh*t. 👍 A+”

About the discussion

“Great to hear top industry professionals discussing their work in an open, and thought-provoking way.”

“Hit the right spot. The topic was pertinent and the inputs always relevant. It was also interesting to have point of view from people having very different position in the professional field.”

About the outcomes

“The overall feeling was positive, we all know first hand how hard the career is but to hear good and solid ways to make strides ahead was wonderful.”

“It was useful to hear advice about how we might approach agents that we are interested in, and how we can go about developing trust with an agent if we are taken on by them.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! It was great to hear lots of advice that I wouldn’t have heard elsewhere. I went away with lots of ideas on how to improve my self promotion and also inspired to do so. The drinks afterwards were useful and I would definitely attend again.”

“It was great hearing the panel’s varying experiences and getting confirmation that we’re all in this together!”

“It was great to be re-inspired that there is funding out there for individuals who are no longer studying at music college!”

“I thought the event was very inspirational and helped me leave the room thinking: ‘Yes, it is possible to have energy to do everything I want to do. Yes, dream big, believe in yourself and just find ways to do it!'”