When is the deadline for the 2019 Auditions?

YCAT must receive your completed application form, video submission, administrative fee and 2 references (sent under separate cover) by Friday 15 February 2019 at 5pm.

Are there age limits for YCAT applicants?

Yes. The upper age limit for instrumentalists is 28 and for singers is 30. For chamber ensembles the average age of the group must be no more than 28. This must be the case as at 16 May 2019.

How much does it cost to apply for YCAT?

There is an administrative fee of £60, inclusive of VAT. You will be directed to pay this at the end of the application form.

What are the visa requirements for YCAT auditionees?

You must have the right to undertake regular paid performance work in the UK without the need for individual work permits. Please note this does not currently include Tier 4 student visas as these require all work to be guaranteed and organised through the visa awarding conservatoire. We also need you to have the this right to perform for a minimum of 4 years (this means that if your current study visa expires in two years time and you don’t know about any ongoing visa options, sadly you are not eligible to apply).

I am not available on one day of the semi-finals; can I still apply?

Yes. There is a field within the application form where you can specify dates when you are not available to audition. Please note that while we endeavour to meet these requests, it is not always possible.

When will I hear back about my application?

We will let you know the result of your application by the end of February. All applicants will be notified.

Can I apply as a duo?

Unfortunately YCAT is not currently accepting applications from duos. Ensemble applicants must have between 3 and 6 members.

I specialise in period performance, can I apply?

We have had a couple of period ensembles apply in the past and, so long as you are entirely mobile and able to easily bring all your required instruments with you, then this is fine. As a soloist, unfortunately we do not have access to harpsichords or fortepiano in our audition venues. If you feel your application is still strong enough and that you would be able to provide your own continuo backing, then you are free to apply.

Can my first round video submission be comprised of separate videos?

Yes, so long as these add up to a total of 40 minutes and each video fulfils the requirements set out in the application guidelines.

I already have existing video footage without a spoken introduction. Do I need to record an introduction especially?

No. If you already have 40 minutes of video footage that fulfils YCAT’s requirements then you do not need to record a separate introduction.

Does my video have to be recorded from a concert?

No, by 'live performance' we simply mean that the recording is unedited and was recorded in a single take.

Can one of my application referees also be the referee for my video recording?


Where should my references be sent?

By email under separate cover, to auditions@ycat.co.uk.